2nd Freedom Training Proficiency Demonstration Only


  • Proficiency Demonstration Through 2nd Freedom Training
  • Shooting Qualification and Range Instruction
  • Completes Your LTC-101 Certificate (Parts B and C)

This purchase is for the Proficiency Demonstration only. The online LTC class is not included with this purchase. The online LTC class is required to be completed before this proficiency demonstration can be scheduled and done.

  • Proficiency Demonstration with 2nd Freedom Training

  • Contact 2nd Freedom Training for scheduling and availability

    [email protected] | 936-334-4238

  • Includes Range Instruction and Shooting Qualification

  • Sign off remainder of LTC-101/100 after completion

3 Simple Steps to Get Your LTC

1. Take an Online LTC Class (not included)

The online class is a total of 4 hours, required by Texas DPS, and can be taken at your own pace. You will be issued an LTC-101 certificate immediately upon completion.​

2. Proficiency Demonstration

Included with this purchase, the proficiency demonstration consists of the shooting qualification and range instruction with 2nd Freedom Training

3. Application and Fingerprinting

Once the training is completed, the online application (through DPS) and fingerprinting (Identigo) is completed. DPS will mail your license to you once completed!